Why I do this - Blythe Storm Photography

From the highest mountains, the straths and glens, to the rugged coast, and on the margins and at the fringes, this landscape stirs my blood, as it has stirred generations before me. As it will for generations to come. 

When I see the light play upon the world around me, it makes me really feel alive and in place. Sometimes, I can almost hear and feel the people who have stood in that place before me. People who have also marvelled at the light, and the interplay nature weaves all around us. 

My friends think I'm weird but when we go walking and take shelter for lunch in the ruins of a long cleared or abandoned croft I always say a quite little thank you to our hosts as we leave. No, I don't see ghosts, but I do feel something that I cannot define. There is a spirit to Scotland, and I don't mean the whisky. 

To some people it is a harsh and forbidding land that cannot be tamed, and I'm glad they feel that because it shouldn't be tamed. This planet is not ours, it was here before us and will be here after us. In the grand scheme of things humans are but a blip upon this earth, we are insignificant little interferences in millennia, we are dangerous ones, still just brief moments.

Don't you find it amazing that we have this life and this capacity to see and feel so much of what is around us if we just take the time?  

In my photography I try to capture something of that. So, please enjoy my captured feelings, they hold a passion that burns deeply within my soul. 

Thank you.

Ray of Light
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